Yasuto Sasada Peacock Bearbrick 1000%

Yasuto Sasada Peacock Bearbrick 1000%

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Yasuto Sasada Peacock Be@rbrick 1000%

BE@RBRICK × 笹田靖人, 現代美術家 笹田靖人、情熱が厚い壁を壊していく


Yasuto Sasada is a modern artist whose work centers on reinterpreting Japanese mythology with incredible details and highly complex designs. This time, Sasada used those skills for designing this peculiar BE@RBRICK, creating an unusual, but at the same time intriguing piece.

Standing 27.6” tall at 1000%, this bear is covered in a mesmerizing red and blue pattern, which is only interrupted by its one round eye and a scattering of sakura petals, a work of art that is sure to draw your eyes over and over again.