KAWS NexusVII Wooden Bearbrick

KAWS NexusVII Wooden Bearbrick

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KAWS NexusVII Wood Bearbrick

- stands at 11" tall

- brand new factory sealed condition

- Authentic KAWS / Medicom product 

- 2007, limited edition

KAWS began producing figurines in the late 1990s, which immediately became popular with collectors of "art-toys." By dealing directly with branding, production and distribution, his toys compel their collectors to consider what the commodity-status of art objects is today. “OriginalFake/NexusVII Wood Bearbrick,” asks this question through the body of a cartoon-style bear produced by KAWS and the Japanese company, Medicom, who had originally designed the bear toy. As with all his characters, KAWS brands Wood Bearbrick with his trademark X to replace the eyes.