Josh Keyes - Migratory Soul
Josh Keyes - Migratory Soul
Josh Keyes - Migratory Soul

Josh Keyes - Migratory Soul

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Migratory Soul - is the 2nd sculpture by Josh Keyes from our Signature Series.

Have you ever wanted to look into an artists mind, see how they envisions the world?  Well with the world famous creationist Josh Keyes you don't have too!  His art truly speaks for his mind.  Keyes art is interesting because he places his subjects in fictional situations in a way one is not used to.  It is as if humans left Earth, leaving behind what was left of our existence, man made things.  Very apocalyptic.

Original painting - 11"x14", acrylic on birch panel, 2013

Josh Keyes - Migratory Soul
Manufacturer - ToyQube
Series - Signature Series
Sculpture Size:  10.0" L (254mm) x 7" W (178mm) x 8" H (203mm)*
Package Weight:  approx 13 lbs
Edition:  350
Medium:  Resin
Package:  Hard cardboard box, diecut foam, double corrugated box

*All sale are final. The outer package is for protection against damage, there will be no replacement available. 


Josh Keyes - Migratory Soul